This last half-a-year has been a stampede of creative activity for me. And I’ve neglected Get To The Chopper! to actually try contribute to the world of film. One project that has consumed me of late is a short horror film called BASEMENT BUGS.

BASEMENT BUGS was an idea I’ve had for years, inspired by a certain apartment building in Los Angeles. I decided to just get it out of my brain and onto paper, just for fun, and the script garnered a lot of support very quickly. Horror director Eric England of MADISON COUNTY and CONTRACTED was such a fan that he hired me to script an original idea of his, and we had so much enthusiasm surrounding the idea, we decided to try and make it.

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Lists are really just a fun way to put out to the world which movies were your favorites. Sure, taste and critical analysis and emotional reaction and craft are all factors – but generally, it’s the lister telling the list-readers which movies they should definitely check out if they haven’t. Read the rest of this entry »


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Casting leads and supporting cast in promising new television series can be tricky at best. The casting agent has to find quality actors with experience that will take a chance on a new project and who will also not be so well-known as to break the budget. If the actors are unknown, then the casting agent has the job of discerning outstanding talent. The actors themselves have some hard choices to make. If the actor is established in film, then the actor needs to choose if the new show is the vehicle that introduces their talents to television. New talent needs to choose whether a role will define their careers in the future. Overall, for promising actors, television acting is a minefield.

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