Get ready for another round of jump scares with conjuring 2

It has been a long time since a few great horror movies have graced the screen. With The Conjuring movie conquering the movie theaters for horror, it isn’t a surprise that more people are on the edge of their seats and waiting for a sequel. Now it has come true and a sequel movie has been made for horror fans as well as those who are curious to know what the hype is all about. Nobody thought that horror movies would hit this big nowadays, but The Conjuring managed to change that and now it has a following, from people who want to know more about the story and would like to experience the thrill of classic horror once again.

Bringing back the charm of horror movies

The plot for conjuring 2 starts with the Warrens being sent by the church to investigate a looming paranormal activity. This takes place in Enfield, England and it has been a popular topic with the news and with the people. The travel to the place and do some investigation and they found out that there is a family that is plagued by a poltergeist. They have no idea where the spirit had come from and they also have no idea how to stop it. The evil being continues to terrorize them until the Warrens find a way to stop this malevolent spirit from causing more havoc to the family member.

However, there is more to the movie than what you see and there are very interesting twist and subplots that the views would surely enjoy. It also tries to connect the dots with what the Warrens have experienced before as well as the spirit that has also been haunting them throughout their lives. It’s an interesting mix of history and at the same time terror. It is even more scary knowing that the events did take place in real life and that there are news articles that live to tell the tale about what really happened with the family.






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